University of Manchester – WC facilities


Description of project and role undertaken by Recom Solutions
Recom Solutions were commissioned to undertake the Directorate of Small Works scheme, as Programme and Project Manager which consisted of the upgrade of 6no WC facilities across campus. Recom, appointed a full design team, following various stakeholder engagement reviews and undertaking an in depth assessment of the requirements from various end users across campus. Recom, have currently taken this from RIBA stage 0 to RIBA 5 and the scheme is due to complete July 2016.

Key issues, managed by Recom Solutions
Procurement – Recom led the design team to review different procurement routes for the desired finish within various WCs across campus, this was a result of managing lessons learnt from previous WC schemes and following stakeholder engagement, ascertaining the best finish for each WC.
Exam time table – Due to the requirements for completion of the project in July 2016, which means that all buildings are occupied by students, Recom have had to structure the programme of works around the various buildings exam timetables. This required extensive pre planning and hedging of materials to fit in with the end users time tables.

  • Location Manchester M13 9PL

  • Date Complete 2016-07-01

  • Project Cost £750k