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September 10, 2021 RECENT UPDATES/NEWS

Electrical disconnection

Leaks and Internal Issues

Usage of balconies

External Light Disconnection

Clear walkways and working areas


Level 2 balcony access

18/01/22 – Electrical Disconnection

Thank you for allowing us access to your apartments 17th January and morning of 18th January. Unfortunately the electrician has had to come off site for the remainder of the day (18th). Cladding removal works will still be progressing on site and those who have not had an electrical disconnection will be contacted regarding future access.

We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


05/01/22 – Electrical Disconnection

We are aware an electrical disconnection was supposed to take place on the 04/01/22, unfortunately the electrician could not attend. Alternative dates have been requested by Prosol to undertake the disconnection and residents will be updated accordingly once these dates are received, via the website and letters. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


10/12/21 – Leaks and Internal Issues

We understand there has been some queries raised with PAD of leaks within properties due to the construction of the penthouses once the panels have been removed.

Please report any leaks or similar issues like this to immediately and we will review and temporarily remediate until the new panels are being installed. When reporting please attach photos/videos within the emails.

We will keep record of any internal issues which are reported due to damage caused and will be remediate upon completion of the project if necessary.


10/12/21 – Usage of balconies

Where cladding panels have been removed and T/L rails have been installed on elevations we are asking residents to avoid using their balconies where possible to avoid injury from the rails due to sharp edges.


09/12/21 – External Light Disconnection

The electrician will be attending on the 15th December 2021 to disconnect benchmark apartments, We are advising phase 1 and phase 2 apartments to allow access to disconnect and remove the external lights in preparation for the cladding removal on this day. Please advise of a suitable time to attend if you are available.


08/11/21 – External Light Disconnection

There is a requirement to disconnect the external lights prior to removing the cladding. Prosol will be attending with their electrician to enter your apartment to disconnect the external lights from your internal fuse box. Once the cladding works have been complete, they will attend again to re-connect the lights. This process will take around 20 minutes.

A letter will be issued prior to disconnection to make residents aware of the dates the electrician is able to attend.


08/11/21 – Clear walkways and working areas Level 6

Temporary gates are to be installed within the balcony area to create a clear walkway and to allow residents to use their balconies whilst work is being undertaken in a different phase. Along with this please can all residents on Level 6 ensure any furniture, decorations and items area stored within the marked red area on the drawing highlighted, this includes any items attached to pergolas. Any items left outside the designated areas may be at risk of being moved or damaged.

Apartments 602, 621, 622, 642, please ensure the walkway Prosol have advised it kept clear of any items and ensure there is a clear walkway around the perimeter of your apartment.

Please see outline dates as to when balconies need to be cleared by:

Benchmark and Phase 1 – 15th November 2021

Phase 2 – 3rd January 2022

Phase 3 – 24th January 2022

Phase 4 – 14th February 2022

Phase 5 – 7th March 2022

Please note, all dates highlighted in the above are provisional dates only and are subject to change.


08/11/21 – Clear walkways and working areas Level 2

Please can all residents on level 2 please remove any furniture, decorations and any other items and store them appropriately. Due to the size of the balconies we are asking where possible that all items are stored within your apartment to prevent the risk of being moved or damaged. Your balconies will need to be cleared from Monday 15th November to allow Prosol to open up a clear walkway and working area down the east elevation.


10/09/21 – Level 6/7 Scaffolding

As part of the site set up there is a requirement for scaffolding platforms to be erected over the balcony doors of apartments 602, 621, 623 and 642. This is to allow walking platforms around the perimeter of level 7 to access the cladding and to provide a further emergency exit if required. These works will commence from 13/09/21 and will require access to all balconies. Please see the drawing for scaffolding locations.

Please accept our apologies for the increased level of noise during this part of the site set up.


08/09/21 – Level 2 Balcony Access

Prosol require access to all level 2 apartment balconies to measure all the current cladding panels from the 13/10/21, this will consist of cutting into the existing screens to create a walkway and to patch back up once the measure has taken place. Upon completion of the project the screens will be reinstated. Please ensure your balcony dividers are kept clear from furniture/decoration to prevent damage.