Cottonworks Mill Project

Holden mill Project

In conjunction with Recom & Halliday Meecham

September 10, 2021 Level 6/7 Scaffolding
As part of the site set up there is a requirement for scaffolding platforms to be erected over the balcony doors of apartments 602, 621, 623 and 642. This is to allow walking platforms around the perimeter of level 7 to access the cladding and to provide a further emergency exit if required. These works will commence from 13/09/21 and will require access to all balconies. Please see the drawing for scaffolding locations.

Please accept our apologies for the increased level of noise during this part of the site set up.

Level 6 Gate Access
Prosol will require access to all level 6 balconies WC 11/10/21 to remove and replace the current gates that separate each apartment. They will be replaced with a timber gate which will allow for easy access when work commences on site. Upon completion the original gates will be reinstated. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Level 2 Balcony Access
Prosol require access to all level 2 apartment balconies to measure all the current cladding panels from the 13/10/21, this will consist of cutting into the existing screens to create a walkway and to patch back up once the measure has taken place. Upon completion of the project the screens will be reinstated. Please ensure your balcony dividers are kept clear from furniture/decoration to prevent damage.