Northern Care Alliance – Rochdale Infirmary

Rochdale OL12 0NB

Rochdale Infirmary’s Passive Fire Protection

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Northern Care Alliance – Rochdale Infirmary

Rochdale OL12 0NB

Recom Solutions undertook the Project Management and Main Contractor role in ensuring the compliance of Rochdale Infirmary’s passive fire protection, specifically regarding the fire doors and fire stopping.

The works were planned for the basement within the hospital as the fire doors had come to the end of their life and there were concerns from the compliance team regarding the fire stopping, hence the building being highlighted by The Northern Care Alliance as a high risk for passive fire protection. Therefore, Recom Solutions were appointed to carry out the following:

  • Conduct surveys to ascertain existing conditions of fire stopping and fire doors.
  • Review and confirm the basements fire compartmentation plan with the Trust Fire Officers.
  • Coordinate works with Asbestos Removal Contractors, Fire Alarm Engineers, and the Trusts Estates Managers.
  • Develop specifications for fire doors that are tailored to the users which included hold open door closers in high traffic areas, specific locking and master suiting and bespoke identification tags.
  • Carry out the 3rd party accredited installation of 45 fire door sets including associated studwork, floor finish remedials and decoration.
  • Appropriately seal and provide 3rd party certification for approximately 300 penetrations in fire compartments.
  • Compiled sign off certification within a fire stopping and fire door management software – Bolster. Which enables the tracking of maintenance and lifetime of fire stopping installations and fire doors.

Key issues, managed by Recom Solutions:

  • Holistic Approach – Given the scale of the hospital and its basement it was important that any other issues noticed that were outside of the initial scope for Recom Solutions were highlighted to the attention of Northern Care Alliance to prevent an area outside of the scope compromising the area that is being brought up to standard.
  • Stakeholder Liaison – Recom Solutions ensured that throughout the works the trusts estates team and Northern Care Alliance were well informed on the position of the works and worked alongside other contractors such as pipe lagging specialists, asbestos removal contractors and the trusts electrical team.


  • Location OL12 0NB

  • Date Complete 2020-07-01

  • Project Cost Circa £500k