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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

M13 9WL

Other Design/Project Team Members – Novus, Prosol, Firetech, Bolster

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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

M13 9WL

Description of project and role undertaken by Recom Solutions:

Recom Solutions have been appointed to oversee the surveying and undertaking of fire remedial works at Wythenshawe Hospital. This entails a full hospital wide review of the fire strategy working with the MUNHSFT Fire team, once a full coordinated fire strategy has been developed we were to then survey the condition of the fire protecting fabric and undertake any require remedial works. Key to the successful delivery of this project has been the end user to contractor liaison that Recom Solutions have provided. Given that these works are taking place in a live hospital environment effective communication of accurate information is critical and we have been required to challenge the accuracy of this prior to its distribution. 

The success of the above on-going work, particularly the end users co-ordination and lack of disruption, has resulted in Recom Solutions further appointments for MUNHSFT to deliver the below overlapping schemes:

  • Fire door review and replacement.
  • Maglock rationalization in-line with fire door works.
  • Fire & Smoke damper survey and remedials.

What we did differently:

Recom Solutions maintained thorough stakeholder engagement and adopted a hands-on approach when it came to managing the commencement of works on site. Recom maintained constant communication with their contractors and relevant stakeholders to ensure works could be carried out as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to NHS staff working on hospital wards. 

Recom challenged fire strategy to ensure a coordinated wholistic view of the hospital was taken and the most efficient strategy. Recom undertook follow on surveys to ensure works completed were to an appropriate standard.

Key Features of the project:

  • Conducting fire surveys across the entire hospitals
  • Undertaking of fire remedial works including repairs above ceiling level 
  • Coordination of communication between stakeholders to ensure all the necessary parties were aware of any ongoing works 
  • Using Bolster software to track and record all issues online with contractors and The Manchester Foundation Trust
  • Location Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9WL

  • Project Cost £2m+